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Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions

Q: What is DocuTrakPro?

A: DocuTrakPro is the software solution specifically designed to manage all of your document collection needs for the DME/HME industry. This unique solution covers the complete cycle of creating, chasing, validating and linking of the medical necessity document requirements.

Q: How will DocuTrakPro allow me to predict work resource needs?

A: Each document contains a history of the actions and timing. This enables leadership to identify how long it takes to retrieve a document and how many “touches” were needed for completion. This allows leadership to predict resource needs and trends for specific payors or product types to better allocate work force.

Q: Can the DocuTrakPro accommodate a diverse set of form types?

A: Yes, DocuTrakPro contains a library of select state and product specific forms along with CMN’s and a variety of customizable physician written order templates.

Q: How will DocuTrakPro help with validating received medically necessary documents?

A: DocuTracPro allows your staff to review and accept the document in real-time. Upon acceptance, data is captured and will be available for linking to a billing management system such as AR-Express. This solution also provides a magnified ability to track incomplete or discrepant documents during the validation process.

Q: Can the forms be selected automatically?

A: Yes, DocuTrakPro contains rules that can be set according to payor, HCPC, and state combinations which automates the form selection. Automated creation has a positive direct impact on operational time and accuracy.

Q: What is LINK?

A: DocuTrakPro securely links documents and can push data directly into your billing software, eliminating the need for manual data entry. The DocuTrakPro team will work with you and your IT department to implement a customized solution that's easy to understand, setup and meets all HIPAA requirements. As a result, the mistakes that occur due to human error are significantly decreased. The time saved with the automatic information transfer will also allow your staff more time for interpretation of complicated document needs.

Q: How will I be able to track my documents in DocuTrakPro?

A: DocuTrakPro has a dashboard to provide leadership with real-time document stats. The dashboard can be customized by a variety of criteria including items such as state, status type, status reason, and form. In addition, each document has an audit trail of time stamps, status', and reasons which provides the ability to age documents.

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