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Edward Kutt is owner and president of Healthcare Software Solutions, Inc. For more than 30 years, Ed has been providing client-enterprise medical billing and patient management database systems for DME/HME companies and physician offices nationwide. With a strong knowledge of the Healthcare industry, he has continued to evolve his software design to meet the ever-changing needs/requirements of medical professionals and insurance payors.
Raymond G. Candiano is a senior level executive with 19+ years of healthcare business experience and emphasis in the DME/HME industry. In the last 6 years, he has worked directly with private owners and private equity groups within multiple healthcare organizations operating at revenue levels of $75-150M to provide senior level consulting services. As part of these consulting services, he applied his proprietary software background and served as the Lead Project Manager in two separate full software integrations. Ray holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida.
Amy Holway is an industry leading expert in managing Medically Necessary documentation with an in-depth knowledge of state and federal guidelines. She has 11+ years in the healthcare industry specific to the DME/HME industry which included multiple software integrations. Amy’s experience and proven track record encompasses over 40 states across multiple product categories. In addition, she has regularly acted as a project-lead liaison between senior level IT and Operations in the fulfilment of optimizing both proprietary and existing software applications.
Robert “Scott” Katarincic is a Software and Database Architect with 30+ years experience developing software products and bringing these to market. His background is in various industries primarily focused in healthcare and high performance transaction processing systems. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Data Processing and Mathematics from Northern Michigan Univerity and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA).
Rick Aman is a Software Architect with 30+ years experience developing applications for various industries. For the past 20+ years, his focus has been on healthcare software solutions, providing support and development for numerous DME/HME companies. Rick has enhanced client systems by developing interfaces to integrate additional functionality such as; inventory control, shipping/logistics support, billing eligibility and document management oversight to existing software systems. His extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry's requirements, specifications, and need for documentation has helped him to streamline and automate the various processes involved in servicing patients of healthcare organizations. Rick is a Microsoft-certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) and an Oracle-certified DBA.
Max Zambrano is a Software and Systems Architect with 25+ years experience for financial, education, healthcare, investigative, commercial and software enterprises. He has extensive knowledge in software design, development and implementation of technology solutions focused on functionality, performance, scalability and ease of use. Max is also an expert in cloud based solutions.

DocuTrakPro is a companion product to the AR-Express Patient Management System.

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